Password generator

Enter something that you can easily remember. The password generator will generate a very complex set of passwords. You no longer need to remember your passwords. You only need to remember some simple content to generate complex ones through the password generator Password, as long as the input content has not changed, then your password will not change. This page does not interact with any server. Your password is only known to you.

  1. Please enter something easy to remember
  2. Click the gen button
  3. Copy the password you need
8 letters and numbers 8-characters super password
12 letters and numbers 12-characters super password
16 letters and numbers 16-characters super password
20 letters and numbers 20-characters super password
32 letters and numbers 32-characters super password
64 letters and numbers 64-characters super password

Never use the password generated by the password generator as your computer's login password, unless you remember the password.